Hidden Treasure

From my journal: September, 2018


People usually ask about Africa when I get home. And I always struggle to give a good answer. It is so much to capture and often not fully processed until weeks after I get home. But for this trip, how do I casually share that I went really struggling with some things. Really asking the Lord to clean any cobwebs out of my relationship with Him. To help me understand some truths I have been wrestling to understand.


Overwhelmingly...He did. I had 3 beautiful living examples—bam bam bam play out before my eyes and make solid connections where before it was fuzzy.  How do you share those deep, personal revelations in our culture that is so easily distracted?  Do I even want to, and risk people not appreciating how powerful they were to me?  It’s so mind boggling that He didn’t get frustrated with the weak spots in my faith, but taught me, and was generous with His wisdom.  It’s so incredible how His understanding unfolded in my mind in a way that completely resonated with my soul.  He knows me so well.  


{If you know me at all...you know I have an unusual love of rocks. I pick a special rock up almost everywhere I go.}.



I was sitting outside doing my quiet time one of our last days.  There is a peaceful spot that overlooks the city if you sit in the middle of the path that winds down to where we stay in Kigali.


Somebody called that breakfast was ready, so I started to pack up my things. Everything was completely normal until I picked up the bag I put my bible in. Laying under it was this perfect crystal rock. There weren’t other rocks anywhere around me. I looked. And I know I didn’t see it when I sat down. But there it was. Hidden treasure I found when I picked up my bible.  

Jesus always help me find treasures when I pick up Your word. Thank you for being generous with my weak and sometimes tattered faith. Thank you for being kind. Thank you for being close. #africadreaming

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