Chiseling stones

Birthday Ponderings...

I wasn’t sure what I needed. I’ve been going super fast—mostly spinning honestly....  I knew the best thing for my soul was to unplug and head into nature. Rarely a typical girl, I picked camping for my birthday weekend. The silver lining about pulling into your campsite way after dark is you can wake up to a beautiful surprise.


As I watch my tiny humans’ minds quickly transition into an imaginary world filled with trails to be explored and rocks to be turned  into treasures, I felt all my tense muscles melt. I followed them down to the water to hear of all the adventures. I went into their rock fort. I sat on the ‘rock’ing chair. ☺️ I bought treasures from their store.


Then I sat back and pondered turning 42. I don’t feel an age that high. I definitely don’t think I act it. I hear my mind tell me pretty discouraging things about it. But as I watched my priss chip away at a mud covered rock, slowly we were both shocked to see this sparkling silver revealed.

This suddenly became my plan for 42. I’m going sit with the Lord, and ask  Him to chip away any mud that has covered me over the years. I want to be free from the layers of yuck that hurt, shame, lies, or insecurity have washed over me and left in their wake. I want to ask the Lord to chisel away the dirty covering that I have accepted as truth, and let Him reveal the treasures He knit into me that are just below a good cleaning.


It may not feel great to go through the cleansing process. But I think the sparkly things will quickly remind me that it’s totally worth it.  As I hear the kids squeal at each new revelation in stones, I am absolutely sure.

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