Commission Artwork

I cannot thank Artistic Therapy enough for making my dream pediatric office complete! Amanda made the walls spring to life in a perfect Magic Tree House theme. From patients roaring like a T-Rex in our dinosaur room to discussing how many moons are around different planets in the space room to sharing a love for science in the mad scientist room, I enjoy how the murals start a conversation and form a connection with patients and Columbus Pediatric Associates. 

Thank you Amanda for taking a simple idea and creating a masterpiece because of your vision and talent! 

Dr. Donna Yeiser, Pediatrician and Owner

West Georgia Pediatrics


In the world of commercial design it's really easy to fall into the idea that function trumps everything. That's how you end up with doctors offices that are depressing and sterile, corporate spaces that are life sucking, and public service buildings that feel like they're from an era gone by. Amanda with Artistic Therapy brings LIFE back into these spaces. I had the pleasure of working with her on Columbus Pediatrics, a place where children come to be nurtured and parents leave feeling seen. When discussing the space, Amanda didn't want it to just "have a theme" she wanted it to have meaning and to bring joy. She knew that the families coming into these spaces would sometimes need the glimpse of hope found in a beautiful butterfly or a deep belly laugh from being as tall as a gorilla. She took my ideas and dreamed deeper, seeing the souls of the people that would be in the space. I can tell you that as people go through this space they may not notice the function I so carefully curated but they will remember the joy of being in the Space room for the first time or the comforting eyes of a multicolored lion.

Mary Kate McLean, Interior Designer and Owner

Deep Rooted Designs