Africa Dreaming in Jean’s house


This is the tenth year since we first left home for a two week trip to the great unknown. Brad and I left baby Asher, and headed to Rwanda, Africa completely unaware of how our lives would forever change. For the next few days, I will open my journal and share some of the things I’ve learned from my 10 years of experience as girl who was awakened from my comfort zone and discovered how it feels to be fully alive.



October 3, 2015
This trip has been special because Jean Baptiste and Beatrice have invited us to stay in their home. There is a whole new level of understanding that happens when you live with someone. See what they do. See what it takes to really live in a country like Rwanda. After adding the 4 Americans, there are 18 of us give or take staying here this week. Yet somehow it is never chaotic. It is peaceful. It runs smoothly.


Jean and Beatrice take in so many young people for various reasons. Some are in terribly family situations and need a place where they are safe and loved, some come for intentional discipleship, some come so they can go to school.  Jean’s family welcomes them completely into their family, and lives are forever changed. They meet the basic needs, food, shelter, school, fellowship, love, guidance. They are loved and discipled and the fruit from it is impressive. They are becoming educated--pastors. Teachers. Engineers. Wives. Husbands. Faithful followers of Jesus. They learn to serve and work together. In a house that could be utter chaos, it is a house of tender servants and beauty. Everyone has a role, a job, a purpose, and value.
Brad and I have always loved to take in strays. But never have I SEEN it on this level. I have to sit and ponder, how much do I waste that God has given me?  How many blessings do I just obliviously or selfishly cling to for myself?   It hit me this week what a small return I will see on blessings I hoard.  We were blessed to be a blessing. Shame on me for thinking otherwise. I love learning from what this power couple is doing and is working towards doing. I long to be inspired. Be motivated. Take little steps. Take big steps, but I don’t want to stay stagnant! 


One of the goals we are helping Jean work towards is building a medical clinic. Here is a painting I created from one of my favorite pictures I took years ago. 100% of the profits will go to the medics clinic. If you like this piece, please order one, encourage your friends to order one. It’s a cool first step towards sharing your blessing.


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