What if we work together...in the woods??

“We cannot keep going at this pace.”
we have said this statement a bunch of times, but this week we actually decided to do something about it  


Anyone else?  Since I relaunched Artistic Therapy and the Lord has pushed me to take my writing farther and my art more seriously, we haven’t changed anything. We’ve only piled higher. And we’re drowning in it.


A few months ago I started saying I needed to just get a cabin in the woods and leave everything for a couple of days to write. Untangle things. Make plans instead of going wherever expectations knock me. To walk away from laundry and be still.  {my friend Jess is really good at planning what she calls “be still dream days” if you want to learn how to actually do it before you dive in on your own, she’s your girl!}


Brad’s job has always been high stress. He’s one of those people who is just really good at everything so he acquires more and more of the responsibility. When his boss told him to be ready to share a vision for the next year he was equal parts giddy and overwhelmed.  Like me, he loves to come up with new ideas and dream but where do you find the margin to do that when people are lined up at your desk waiting for you to finish the phone call you took on your way out of your last meeting. Bless.


One of my favorite things about us is that we really do share everything with each other. I know all about his job. {which is impressive since most people think of him like the Chandler of the group—no clue what he actually does for a living😂 (if you don’t get that Friends reference this relationship may not work 😉)}. It’s engineering and numbers, so opposite from my interests, but it’s what he’s good at and I want to know HIM.  Somewhere along the way I realized that work gets a whole lot of his time.... so guess what....I try and understand laser measurement systems {but also I refocus boring conversations on the relationships that are happening along the way. 😂. Just keeping it real}


I know when they get new orders. I know when they are designing new products, and what challenges he is working through. I even offer suggestions. {have y’all even considered painting it a prettier color?  I think factories would buy it if it were a better color}. How lucky is he?!?


He equally listens and gives feedback when I am wrestle through writing challenges. He helps me resize and rework art that just doesn’t feel right.  We don’t have to be this involved in each other’s lives, but for us, it is one of those things we have decided is worth the effort.


Last week, I threw out a crazy idea. “What if you ask Andy if you can work away from the office a day and really figure out what your vision for next year is?” When Brad said “ok, I’ll ask” I was SHOCKED. When Andy said a quick ok, I was STUNNED.  Today it actually happened, and I am ALIVE. We are parked in the woods. Working together in nature. We get to stop for breaks to help each other think things through, but it has been glorious.


Here is my shout out to shaking things up when you’re buried. Think outside the box. Also, just  think outside. It’s amazing what fresh air and fuzzy socks can do for your creativity and inspiration. Do it with a friend but try it with your spouse. I love being Brad’s sounding board. We could not possibly be more different but that’s what makes it great. We bring really good different things to the table and then we share them. Find your relationship glue wherever it’s available!  But bring more snacks. We forgot to bring more snacks and we’re both really sad about it.


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