The Tricks of Time

Time is tricky. It presents itself as the ultimate equalizer. No matter who you are, where you live, or how many resources you have…we all have the same number of hours in our day. How we use those hours and minutes, however, sends us on vastly different trajectories. 


As I processed my emotions—painting over Asher’s nursery… time inevitably felt cruel and treacherous. . Wasn’t it just last week that I stretched my weary back as my 34-week pregnancy belly and swollen feet stepped back to admire the rainforest I didn’t know I could paint until it was finished? The scent of baby lotion hijacked by stinky teenage boy smells mocked my memory placement. 


I wondered how I would handle this day for weeks. This picture slowly came into focus. I’m so thankful for a friend like Neely, who can take my emotions and ideas and capture them so authentically. 


I will sit in it and feel all my big feelings. I’ll snuggle the cheetah that kept Asher’s imagination busy during the day and safe at night. I’ll twirl the impossible knot in his tail that happened during one of the many nap times he played through…. And I’ll surround myself with a clock of my passions and tools. 


I’ll remind myself that time is no respecter of persons, but how I use my days and minutes is entirely up to me. I’ll cry. Then I’ll shift my mindset. We will have a special day giving this man child I love the room of his current dreams. 

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