That One Day When I Washed My Hair....

This story is 7 years old, but I swore I would share it every year as long as people need a laugh. I cannot think of a better day to turn it into a blog than April Fool's Day 2020:  the year that Mother Nature played the ultimate prank. {can it please just be a joke?}. Enjoy. 
This morning I got up and washed my hair. I realize this may not make sense to all of you....but for some of us, this is quite the commitment....I did it because I had been asked to talk to an elementary school class at career day about being an artist. I had it all planned out. Asher and I did this cute bunny. I made sure it was a good fit to do with a bunch of 2nd graders. I had bummed childcare from my friend Tammy--who had already scolded me for the rookie mistake of hair washing on a day when you have to be tribe gets me.
As we pull into her neighborhood Selah (18 months old) said the dreaded words. "I'm about to throw up". And throw up she did. Maybe 50 times. In the car seat. A contraption SPECIFICALLY designed to NOT handle throw up. My heart sank—for more than the obvious reason.
I’ll just be honest. I was really excited about the validation speaking at career day offered. I was excited to tell kids how cool my job is; how I am  welcomed into people's lives for a season. I get to make their house pretty. I get to see how ecstatic they are when my murals take life.
I sent a huge apology to the teacher, Bethany, and headed home, mentally preparing myself to inevitably touch the puke. Mission unbuckle and extract the kiddo with minimal contact. {aka mission impossible}. I strip a distraught tiny human at the door, throw her in the tub, then head out to deal with the car seat.
I should pause here. We bought our starter house with precious ideals. We would live here three years or less, sell it for a million dollars profit, and move to the beach. We didn't need distracting extras like garages....  bless our hearts.
So today, instead of sharing how beautiful my life is with 2nd graders, I stood in the pouring rain, de-vomiting a car seat, while my freshly washed hair laughed at me.
Finally done...I turned around to go have a second cup of coffee, only to see a dripping naked Selah. Crying, because I had never shut off the tub and you guessed had overflowed.
Happy ‘would’ve been career day’ to all the work-at-home moms....and to all the artists and people who love us. We will make life either extremely beautiful or extremely chaotic. There is no in between. Enjoy the highs. Then enjoy the laughs.  #livinthedream


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