Stressed and Tired have always been a Christmas Theme

In my devotional I read: Mary must have been utterly exhausted. Joseph was certainly deeply stressed.

Christmas BEGAN with overwhelmed parents. I wrestle with the fact that God created the scenario where His chosen would be heavy and burdened and inconvenienced to say the least. And also, 100% in the middle of His perfect plan.

Can we go here? In some ways God left them at the end of their best efforts, at the end of obedience, at the end of doing everything right: birthing a child they didn’t even create, in a barn. The first Christmas. Stressed, tired, overwhelmed, feeling like they had failed God’s child before it even started. Looking at each other. Wondering where they went wrong.

Their stress and tired birthed the savior of the world because they were walking out obedience.

What is the stress and exhaustion of my life birthing? At the end of my best effort, what have I been working towards? Is it Gods plan for my life or mine? Is it worth what it will birth? Will the results make this world brighter and closer to salvation and hope? Is the effort of my days and minutes going to birth anything at all or just continue to produce more stress and exhaustion?

The consistent themes of life until Jesus comes back are tired and overwhelmed. I want mine to birth Jesus. I want yours to birth Jesus. Let this season of reflection be a time to evaluate where you are pouring your best efforts. Readjust, say yes to things that matter. Be surrendered when it’s hard, when it feels like it’s too much. Press on. Know there is pain in the birthing process. There is sacrifice. Make obedience to your calling your focal point. He is coming. He is worth it all. He is light and hope on the other side.

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