How to be free.

My priss....I hope you always feel this free. As your mommy, I will work hard to point your mind and your heart towards your strengths. I will speak life into you, and teach you to be brave. I will look deeper into the dreams and character that God has planted in your inner most being. I will equip you to grow in them, in creative ways. I will water them and nurture them. I will try to teach you how dig out weeds that creep in.  I will be mindful of how I speak about myself and others so that negative, critical tendencies don’t take root in your inner narrative.


I will pray. So hard. So intentionally. I will talk about how all the things relate back to your creator and how you can use your life to honor Him. I will be quick to apologize when I screw up, because I want you to be secure enough to be quick to apologize, eager to encourage, and free to twirl in the sand.  Mostly I will reject my ideals of who I want you to be and I will give you the freedom to become who God created you to be.


What a delight it is to be your mommy. 💕Attachment.png

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