Falling in Love with Fortune Hole Farms

Fortune Hole Farms

If the name sounds dreamy....that’s because it is...a dream...on its way to becoming true.


Remember the corded bracelets that were oh so the rage several years ago?  When Brett YouTubed it, then quickly made one, Alice said “what about me?  I want a bracelet, too”. They used leather from a craft store. A dreamer and a free spirit , Alice cocked her head, looked at her man still scarred from the surgery that miraculously stopped his brain Aneurism from rupturing and challenged him to make her a purse. So he did. With a needle and thread.


Before long, using a leather stitching pony, he slowly perfected the saddle stitch. Together they dreamed up new designs, upgraded to a commercial machine, and have become a small business that is quickly outgrowing their wildest expectations. They try new techniques, and are always learning. As I stood in their workshop, surrounded by the smell of fresh leather, inspiration is abundant.

Their company name?  Fortune Hole Farms is named for the land they bought years ago. Before they really had a clear vision of what they were actually building. For now, it’s still in the dream phase, but they have boldly named their dream, and are faithfully working in the wait.  I think there are such powerful lessons for anyone who has a calling to own a small business.


First, you don’t have to wait until conditions are ready to start. You start by working in the space you have. You spend time learning. You try until it makes sense. You fail then try again. You spend time dreaming. When it’s time to upgrade, you will be ready—both financially and logistically, because you’ve been wise in the wait.


Second, don’t assume you have to go into crazy debt. Start with the basics. Be creative. Do it the hard way until it pays off and you have money to spend. It’s wisdom to let your business grow into itself. When you aren’t under pressure to pay off huge bills, it allows you real freedom to be creative. Nothing kills creativity like the stress of financial over-commitment.


I loved today. I’m thankful I have so many creative friends. I love learning from them!  I love sharing what they’re doing!  Christmas morning will be extra special if one of their beautiful purse, wallets, key chains, dog collars, and {my personal favorite}, their leather tabbed guitar strap collaboration with COPO are tucked under the tree.


Typical Alice, she sent my priss home with some of their scraps and a dream to transform it into a teepee.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.


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  • Sue Ginter on

    My favorite bag I own was made by Brett and hand delivered by Alice. Still love it and wish I had one of everything he makes!

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