Doctor’s Orders: Make it Magical

You could feel the tension growing as the week progressed. Moving the bulk of an entire pediatrician's office over a weekend is an insane task. If anyone can make the impossible happen, it's Donna Yeiser. By Thursday evening, I was running back and forth, adding final details, tweaking my third mural in the hallway where each kid would pass. I had already spent weeks creating a magical world where kids could ponder nature with a colorful twist—and I was just getting started.

Thursday, the old office shut down, and it was all hands on deck. Surrounded by the hustle of unpacking boxes and stocked exams rooms, laughing and yelling questions back and forth, the most beautiful thought hit me: how often do you actually get to be part of making someone's dreams come true? I breathed in the power of that moment.

Dr. Yeiser has loved and served my kids passionately since the day they were born. Her nurses have calmed my fears and guided my parenting. Her staff has accommodated and welcomed us. Donna's impact on peoples' lives through her medical practice has created ripple effects she may never fully know, both here and abroad.

What an honor: invited into her dream of building her own office, allowed to transform this new space into a magical experience for her patients. I wonder if she knows...She is making my dreams come true, too. That's the beauty of dreams; they build on each other. They expand and include.

With praise music turned full-volume, voices joining in throughout the building, I sang a little louder as I finished the Magic Treehouse-inspired hall. Energized by a renewed sense of purpose, I added extra props so on well-visits, when parents snap a picture to document their kids' growth in front of the rungs of the rope ladder, there are animals at each level. Their finger can hold a butterfly; they can pet a turtle; they can peek at a deer.

I hope as you track your kids' growth during their time under Columbus Pediatrics watchful eye that you will realize how truly magical it has been to see them transform into the amazing people God created them to be.

Here are some fun thoughts to ponder:

~ When is the last time you asked someone what they dream about?  
~What if you looked for ways you could help them?  
~When is the last time you shared YOUR dreams?  

Trust me…being swept up in someone’s dream cloud is the most wonderful feeling. You won’t regret being part of what God is nudging your people to do.

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  • Shirley Koop on

    Beautiful! Using the God given anointing He has placed upon your life,

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