Leaping into Bonus Day!!!

Every four years, God slips me a gift--an unbelievable gift that shows me that He really hears my cries, my whining, my complaining, my excuses.  He gives me a little more time. 
We can talk about the science that explains why those of us on our calendar system have leap day.  I'm cool with that, as long as we both agree that God is the creator of science--circling back to something even bigger.  Before time began, as He spoke the science of our world into existence, He threw in a little extra time that would add up to a whole bonus day every four years. 
I'll even go so far as to say He very well could have done it just for me, because extra time is the thing I find myself longing for, and He loves us that much.  Is it crazy to even say that God loves one person enough to do something that extravagant?? 
If so, just stop now and go read the old testament, then read Jesus miracles throughout the gospels.  He would be walking towards one miracle, then stop to perform another miracle to show the least of these that they were seen.  Then He would turn and perform an even bigger miracle for the one who had to wait.  He is extravagant with His gifts, and nature bends to His every whim. 
Yesterday, the bible app popped up a notification that probably many of you received as well "Bonus day:  leap day, how will you use it?"  It really hit me what a gift this random 29th day of February can be. 
God gave us a bonus day...how WILL we use the gift of extra time?  I woke up early, (although in the spirit of transparency, it was only because Raleigh jumped on my face)....Nevertheless, I will take it, and use it to spend extra time with Jesus this morning.  My first scripture reading was Psalm 42.  David starts "My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.  Where can I go and meet with God?"  Perfect start to my bonus day!  Reminding myself to thirst for the living God--then set out to meet up with Him. 
When my people get up and going, we are going to pack bonus day full of all the extra things we value most.  We will hang out with friends.  We will get outside and be in nature.  We will laugh.  We will *hopefully* get along.  We will play games and sing.  We will always dance.  We may read.  We will sit and ponder random things, and not rush .
I have decided to spend the day just giddy that it's bonus day!  God gave me extra time!  He heard my frustrations and He delivered!  I won't waste one second of it! 


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  • Sherri Culp on

    I love this!!!!!!

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