When it’s Time to Fly the Big Dreams

Recently, I signed up for a study of Bob Goff's new book, "Dream Big".  In the videos, he is surrounded by the most amazing, colorful display of paper airplanes. 

He shares a story about a class he teaches in a local prison.  He invites them make a paper airplane any way they want, then line up to throw them and see how far they can make theirs fly.  Inevitably, the more elaborate ones look great, but don't actually fly far at all.  It's the simple ones, that have less folds, less creases that actually are able to soar.  He jokes that the best way to make your airplane fly the farthest is to wad it up. 

The point is, that for your dreams to really fly, you can cripple yourself if you over-complicate it.  It's much better to be authentic and real, to share your vision with simple clarity.  One thing that struck me is that if I want my dream to ever even stand a chance, I am going to have to wad up the things that threaten them.  Insecurity, fear, other people’s opinions, past failures...On and on the list goes...  What if we wad them up and throw them far, far away. 

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to repaint our living room.  We settled on this super cool navy/teal color that my friend Zach actually created, which made the decision extra special. 

As I looked at the fresh walls, I knew immediately what belongs there.  It's an art project I have slowly been working on over the last couple of years.  It's my biggest dream from the Lord, and it's past time to just do the thing.  I am half done with the art that goes with the writing.  As I hung the finished pieces on one wall, it left one wall completely empty.  I decided it would just stay empty until I have reached the goals that will open the next chapter of my big dream.

Today, I shared the truth I had learned from my class and the kids and I decided to create a super cool art feature of wadded up paper over the space reserved for being brave.  I want to pass by it multiple times a day, hear the swoosh the rustling paper makes, and be reminded to throw out the things that hold me back.  I can't wait for this wall to be full of art, for the thing to be written, for the big dream to be birthed and shared.  I trust Him to make it happen in His way!  I just have to do the work He has shown me is mine to do. 


So....What literal or symbolic space in your life needs to be covered in wadded up paper until you throw it all away??  What space should just have to remain empty until your fill it up with your big dream?  We all have them.  We may need to dust them off and see where we have over-complicated it or we have weighed it down to the point that it sits neglected.  I dare you to share them with someone you trust.  I dare you to say it out loud.  I dare you to dream with someone who may be able to help you untangle it.  As for mine, I would love your prayers and support over this project.  Also if somebody could nag me to keep going that would be great, too. 

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