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"Guaranteed to make you laugh and cry, Amanda Newman's talent to share both a meaningful story and meaningful art made our Chaplain spouse event one of the best we've had!”

Amanda Vineyard, Wife of active duty army chaplain


"Last year, we invited Amanda Newman to speak at our DKG Society for Women Educators’ holiday social event. Amanda shared her inspiring story of her life as a dreamer, writer, and artist. I love how honestly and humorously she spoke, engaging her listeners throughout the speech. Her message was encouraging for those who have goals that are daunting.   She crafted her message to perk the interests of her audience, which were educators. Amanda reignited the passion we have for helping students dream big as well as develop their talents and skills. We also enjoyed getting to see her art on display and were thrilled to get to purchase pieces that night. She blessed our evening together and I highly recommend Amanda as a speaker for an event  that needs an  inspiring and fun speaker."

Margaret Hines, DKG Epsilon Chapter